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Kontakperkasa Futures

PT. Kontakperkasa Futures, as a member of Jakarta Futures Exchange and Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House members, having experience and capability in developing commodity futures trading in the country, currently has offices in several cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali,
Balikpapan, Banjarmasin and Pekanbaru, by providing services other derivative transactions that investors are very interested in stock index derivatives in addition to commodity derivative transaction that has been there.
Trade futures at. Computerized Futures Kontakperkasa done so well to monitor the price on the stock exchange is done on-line. PT. Kontakperkasa Futures strives to provide the best service to all prospective clients and customers.
PT. Kontakperkasa Futures is a Futures Broker who has obtained a license as a broker of BAPPEBTI, this is in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 32 Thn 1997 on the Commodity Futures Trading. More details are as follows:
  • Deed of the minutes of the meeting: No. 161 On July 19, 2002 by Notary Noor SH, PT.Kontakperkasa Futures.
  • Ratification of the Department of Justice and Human Rights: C-16 764 HT.01.04.TH.2002.
  • Your membership Transfer Approval Letter Exchange (SPAB) Number: SPPKB-006/BBJ/12/00.
  • Licensed Broker Business: Decree of the Head Bappebti, Number: 41/BAPPEBTI/SI/XII/2000.
  • Membership Clearing House, Number: 08/AK-KJBK/XII/2000.
  • SK Bappebti, Number: 282/BAPPEBTI/SP/XII/2003 about Granting Approval of a broker who offers Customer Mandate for Transactions of the Futures Exchange Futures Contracts to Foreign Affairs to PT. Kontakperkasa Futures.
  • SK Bappebti, Number: 55/BAPPEBTI/KP/I/2005 about Trade SPA system.
  • Bappebti Regulation, Number: 58/BAPPEBTI/Per/1/2006 on the Amendment to Decree of the Head of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Board, No: 55 / BAPPEBTI/KP/I/2005 on Alternative Trading System
  • Cooperation Agreement with the Dealer Alternative Trading System Operator PT. Royal Assetindo, Letter of Agreement, No. 16/DIR/KPF/IV/2007
  • SK Bappebti, Number: 1145/BAPPEBTI/SP/3/2007 on the Granting of Approval as a participant Alternative Trading System (SPA) to PT. Kontakperkasa Futures 
  • Approval of Membership on the Stock Exchange and Derivative Commodity Indonesia Number: 033/SPKB/ICDX/Dir/VIII/2010

  1. HKK50 (Rupiah) and HKK5U (USD) is the code contracts regular scroll Hong Kong stock index traded through the mechanism of Alternative Trading System (SPA) at the Jakarta Futures Exchange. HKK50/HKK5U trading price of derivative products based on stocks in Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx).
  2. JPK50 (Rupiah) and JPK5U (USD) is the code periodically scroll contracts traded Japanese stock index through the mechanism of Alternative Trading System (SPA) at the Jakarta Futures Exchange. JPK50/JPK5U trading price refers to the Nikkei 225 index derivatf shares traded on the Singapore Exchange (SGX).
  3. Loco London gold derivative products XUL10 (rupiah) and XULF (U.S. dollars) is a contract and code of daily scroll Loco London gold traded through the mechanism of Alternative Trading System in Jakarta Futures Exchange. Trade price refers to the physical price of gold Loco London over the counter (OTC) in New York. 
If you are interested in joining us please call our head office or the nearest branch or fore information you can visit .

Head Office
PT. Kontakperkasa Futures
Gedung Plaza Marein Lt. 7
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 76-78, Jakarta 12910
Telp : (021) 5793 6555, Fax : (021) 5793 6550

Branch Office
PT. Kontakperkasa Futures - Yogyakarta
Casa Grande Real Estate Kav. 109-110
Ring Road Utara Maguwoharjo, Yogyakarta
Telp : (0274) 4478001, Fax : (0274) 4478002

PT. Kontakperkasa Futures - Kuta Bali
Ruko Sunset Paradise RA 01-02
Jl. Sunset Road, Kuta Bali 80361
Telp : (0361) 760333, Fax : (0361) 755007

PT. Kontakperkasa Futures - Pekanbaru
Komplek Sudirman City Square
Jl. Jend Sudirman Blok C 6-7, Pekanbaru 28288
Telp : (0761) 888828, Fax : (0761) 888829

PT. Kontakperkasa Futures - Banjarmasin
Jl. Ahmad Yani Km 2.5, No. 101-102, Banjarmasin 70232
Telp : (0511) 3263838 (Hunting), Fax : (0511) 3270808

PT. Kontakperkasa Futures - Balikpapan
Jl. Jend Sudirman No. 47, Komplek Balikpapan Super Blok/BSB
Blok B-36, B-37, Balikpapan 76114
Telp : (0542) 732101 (Hunting) Fax : (0542) 732102 / 732225


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